If you come into the surgery you must wear a mask. Our staff wear face masks in the waiting area and we regularly disinfect all surfaces.

Supporting each other to Get Online

Get Online Week 2020 is here and it’s saying ‘now’s the time to get online’.

To support our patients with getting online our digital champion Jordan will be on hand to teach patients how to use our online consulting service, Engage Consult.

This year has shown us just how much of a difference the internet can make to our lives. But too many people are still being left behind, without the skills or access they need to benefit from being online.

Get Online Week 2020 - took place 19-25 October - and was here to speak for these people, and to help them find free and friendly support, so they can make the most of the internet. Despite the week being over we are continuing to provide support.

The benefits of being online during lockdown were huge. Video calls helped us to safely see our loved ones. Digital tools meant that millions of people could work from home, and children could keep up with their schoolwork. And for those people for whom even a trip to the supermarket was a significant risk to their health, internet shopping was a lifeline.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for everyone. 9 million people in the UK can’t use the internet or their device without help, and 4.7 million people don’t have any digital skills at all. These people were left even more isolated than the rest of us.

Jordan is available every day between 9.30am and 12pm

If you know someone who can't use the internet or their device please encourage them to come to the surgery or call us to ask for help. You can support by helping them yourself. Find out how to consult on behalf of a friend or relative here. We also have a programme to connect those with digital skills to those who need support; if you are interested in volunteering please contact us here by submitting an admin enquiry! 

Hackney Council have put together some support packages too!

If you are a patient of ours Jordan will assist you in: using our online consultation service, setting up an email address, setting up the NHS app to allow you to reorder your repeats. If you want to use the app for reordering your repeats please do not forget to  get your unique number from our practice to allow for the resigtation process. We have iPads avaiable to help those without a device.

To support all our patients we've put together a step by step guide on how to best use our online consulting service. It explains what you can do to get the best out of the service and what you should expect from us.

If you come into the surgery you must wear a mask. We DO NOT come in if your have a fever, cough, or loss of sense of smell/taste.

If you find there is a queue upon your arrival please speak to a member of staff about booking you a specified slot with Jordan. Oweing to covid we cannot have large numbers of patients waiting in and around the surgery.