How to Complete an Engage Consult

Completing an Engage Consult for a more personalised service

  • 'Create an account' to allow secure 2-way messaging between you and us.
  • If you have a regular GP you can find out when they are working and submit your Engage Consult for them.
  • Read the self-help information to see if other NHS services can help (i.e. pharmacist).
  • Upload images if appropriate. For example for rashes, lumps, wounds and other injuries. Tips on taking a good photo.
  • 'Start the questions' - these questions are specific to the problem you are reporting. It is important to answer ALL the questions to help the doctors direct your problem appropriately. At times the questions may
    seem repetitive but please persist. The answers are all helpful for the doctors.
  • The GP will use the information to get a sense of what areas they need to ask more about and we hope the questionnaire helps you reflect on your problem.

You can submit an Engage Consult for yourself or someone you care for.

You can make an admin request or a enquire about a medical problem. Example of admin requests include:

  • Requesting an appointment with the nurse or health care assistant.
  • Medical record or insurance report request.

If you are submitting the form after 1pm it will not be reviewed until the next working day. It is important that you call us if you need more urgent medical attention, or contact NHS 111 if out of our opening hours.

If you are submitting the form on a weekday before 1pm, we aim to contact you before 6.30pm.


What happens next?

Our signposting team review your form. Based on the information you have supplied they decide on the following:

  • Who is the best specialist to address your concern? Most often a GP is best but it can be our physiotherapist, nurse, pharmacist or health care assistant.
  • What is the best method of consulting with you? This could be a virtual consultation over the phone or using a video call. It may be that you need to come in for a face to face consultation. The last option is an online response via secure 2 way messaging; GPs can give medical advice, inform you of referrals, and ask you for more information.
  • How urgently do we need to consult with you? Our aim is to consult with patients the same day but some days we are busier and have emergencies to deal with. If we are busy one day we will let you know by 6.30pm when we will be calling.

After submitting the Engage Consult please keep an eye on your emails for a response from us, which may be an online response with medical advice or a message telling us when we will call you.


Complete an Engage Consult someone your care for

The carer can act on behalf of the patient and ask for help about a non-emergency medical problem or for general advice from other members of the Practice team.

The patient does not need to be with them when they make the request. This can be hugely beneficial for carers and family members who live apart from the person they care for.

Once registered as an Engage Consult Account Holder, the Carer can make a request on behalf of the patient at any time of day. If the request is sent within the Practice’s “Same day response times”, the Practice will usually respond on the same day. The request can be sent from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Please note. The Engage Consult service must not be used for medical emergencies.

This Guide will explain the steps you need to take to use it on behalf of the person you are caring for.

Step 1: Log into your account and then select ‘add someone else’. Before you can add someone else you will need to sign up as an Engage Consult Account Holder. You do not need to be patient at Elsdale Street to register with Engage Consult.

Step 2: Input the details of the person you care for (for example your son/daughter).

Step 3: Confirm your relationship to them and the privacy preferences.

Completed: you can now click on their name and complete an Engage consult for them.