How to complete an Engage Consult

Completing an Engage Consult for a more personalised service

  • Step by step guide on completing an Engage Consult.
  • 'Create an account' to allow secure 2-way messaging between you and us.
  • If you have a regular GP you can find out here when they are working and submit your Engage Consult for them.
  • Read the self-help information to see if other NHS services can help (i.e. pharmacist).
  • Upload images if appropriate. For example for rashes, lumps, wounds and other injuries. Tips on taking a good photo.
  • 'Start the questions'- these questions are specific to the problem you are reporting. It is important to answer ALL the questions to help the doctors direct your problem appropriately.
  • The GP will use the information to get a sense of what areas they need to ask more about and we hope the questionnaire helps you reflect on your problem.