Request an Appointment

Appointments with a health professional at Elsdale St will be made following the completion of a Medical Request

This can be completed between 8am and 3pm weekdays. We aim to respond the same day to your request but in busy periods this may take up to 24 hours.

Online Medical Request Process is not for Medical Emergencies.


The form is simple to use and here is a video that guides you through the process.

In the system you are also guided to an NHS self help page. You may save yourself some time by having a look at these pages before requesting an appointment.

When completing a consultation form you are able to upload appropriate images  For example for rashes, lumps, wounds and other injuries. See some tips for taking a good photo.

By completing the Admin section of the form you can also request Fit Notes, repeat prescriptions (although the NHS App is best for this) and other general admin enquiries.

If you are having difficulty completing a Medical Request or have an urgent enquiry please contact us on 020 8525 2980. Only in exceptional circumstances will our Patient Services Team be able to take you through the completion of the form on the phone, however we are installing a new station in the reception for patients to complete your own request.  You can also request a relative or carer to complete a form on your behalf.

You may also be able to access some other health services directly without first going through your GP. For example if you have back pain you can directly access the Muscular Skeletal Direct Access Service.