A Message from your Doctors

Dear Patient,

Elsdale Street Surgery has now been running our online triage platform, Engage Consult, since July 2020. Your feedback, along with our own data, shows this has improved the access patients have to the surgery and has improved how we care for our patients. This platform requires you to answer a number of free-text format questions and an intelligent questionnaire which investigates the medical concern further, based upon the problem you have provided us.

One thing we have found is that patients using the platform are often not providing enough detail for the GP to triage the medical query appropriately. Engage Consult forms which have little information about the problem or a lack of detail make it very difficult for this to be assessed by the GP. From this time, we will now be stricter in asking you to resubmit the Engage Consult with more information if this occurs.

To ensure your medical concern is handled swiftly, we kindly ask all patients presenting with new medical problems or chronic medical problems that have changed significantly, to ensure they are answering ALL questions on the Engage Consult system including the intelligent questionnaire which is tailored to the medical query you have. We know this takes a few minutes more, but it means the GP can look at your relevant records prior to calling or seeing you and this enables us to offer better, more targeted consultations to meet your medical needs.

In some cases the medical query you have may be something you are able to treat without the need for an Engage Consult. There is significant medical information about how to treat a variety of minor ailments on our website. We also recommend typing your symptom or complaint into the NHS website (www.nhs.uk) to read around your problem and be directed to some self-help information where appropriate. For minor medical issues you cannot solve with just self-help information, we would suggest that you speak to your Pharmacist first. They will be able to advise you if the medical query requires a GP to treat – at which point we would suggest for you to provide us with all the details of your medical query via Engage-Consult.

We continue to strive at Elsdale Street in offering you excellent patient care, so reducing the number of minor ailment complaints and having excellent medical information provided when you do need to submit an Engage form, will really help us to do this. Thank you so much for working with us to achieve this.

Many thanks

Dr Heather Charles & Dr Darren Baker

Elsdale Street Surgery

Published: Mar 16, 2021