Mask Policy




Our policy for wearing a mask has now changed. Elsdale Street Surgery will only require you to wear a mask if you have symptoms of an active respiratory infection. 

If you are suffering from cough and/or have cold-like symptoms – our team will ask you to wear a mask to reduce the transmission of droplets from coughing and sneezing.

If you do not have an active ‘cold’ (or cold-like infection) you will not be required to wear a mask in the waiting area.

If the clinician you are booked with wishes for you to wear a mask for the duration of your appointment – you will have to wear a mask regardless of being unwell or not.

We no longer require our staff to wear a mask unless they are at work with cold-like symptoms. 

Influenza, Covid and pneumonia infections are likely to be extremely prevalent this winter. All of these infections carry cold-like symptoms (fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose etc) which can increase risk of transmission in close proximity areas. Please do consider this when visiting the surgery as it may require you to wear a mask. 

We advise all of our patients to protect themselves this winter by taking opportunity to have a Covid-vaccination and Influenza vaccination as soon as possible.

Elsdale Street Surgery will be the Hub site for administering Covid vaccinations to patients from Elsdale Surgery, The Wick Surgery and Well Street Surgery. Please ask our Patient Services team at the surgery for more details.

Published: Oct 24, 2022