Reduce medicines waste




medicine waste

Everyone has a part to play to reduce medicines waste

If everyone makes small changes then together we can make a massive difference to reducing medicines waste and looking after our NHS.


Talk about your medicines

  • You can ask your pharmacist to book you a review or ask your GP practice to book you an appointment with their practice pharmacist
  • Your doctor needs to know if you are not taking any of your medicines, or if you are experiencing unexpected side-effects

Check what medicines you have at home before you order more

  • Remember only order more medicine if you have less than two weeks supply left at home.

Remember, don’t tick it if you don’t need it

  • There is no need to worry, the item will not disappear from your repeat prescription. It will still be there next time you need to order your medication

Check your medicines before you leave the pharmacy

  • Let’s all do our bit by opening our prescription bags while we are still inside the pharmacy. You can return any unwanted medicines to the pharmacist