Long Term Conditions

As your GP surgery we play a significant role in managing your long-term condition. We believe in working with you and hospital specialists to provide holistic, personal, and high-quality care.

Long term conditions or chronic diseases are conditions for which there is currently no cure, and that are managed with drugs and other treatments.

All patients with a long-term condition should have an annual review (or ‘health MOT’). The first part of this is with our health care assistant Brian, or one of our nurses. At this appointment we will take a blood sample, check your blood pressure, and update other health data.

Long Term Condition

If you have more than one long term condition (sometimes referred to as multi-morbidity), we will ask you to complete an additional questionnaire to ask more about how your conditions affect you.

A GP will review your results without you present, looking at your medical history and medications, and consider how together we could improve your health/management of your LTC. This may include health advice, medication changes or referrals to a community service.

Your second contact with us will be to share and discuss the GP’s recommendations with you. This appointment will also be with Brian, Lisa or Monica. If you have more than one long term condition, we aim to make this second appointment with a nurse or GP.


Long Term Conditions Health Information