Vision & Values

We aim to provide the best quality of care with compassion for our patients: We want the surgery to be a safe place for people. A place where they feel comfortable and respected. We want it be a place where people look forward to coming when they are ill! We want the local community to feel that we are an important part of them. We want patients to feel that they “own” the surgery. We need to make sure people are listened to and they feel listened to.


Our vision is to...

Provide the best quality of care

We provide the best quality of care based on current best practice, innovative thinking, and deliver it with compassion.

Be a safe and comfortable place

You look forward to coming to us when you are unwell knowing you will be in safe hands, feel comfortable and respected.

A doctor speaking to a patient

Be an important part of you

You feel we are an important part of who you are, your individual wellbeing, and our local community.


Our values are...

A doctor and a child

Patient care comes first

All our services are designed and delivered in a way that tries to always put patient care first.

Compassion matters

We show non-judgemental caring, willing and kindness to our patients and local community.

Listening is key

We always listen to our patients and local community, and respond with honesty and integrity.