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What does a GP do if they suspect you have cancer?

If a GP is concerned that your symptoms may be due to cancer, they will refer you for some urgent tests in hospital. Despite showing signs of cancer, most patients referred do not have cancer and their symptoms will be caused by a non-cancerous health condition.

Urgent means we will complete the referral within 48 hours, and that you will receive an appointment from the hospital is within 2 weeks. Our GPs work closely with our secretary Elaine to ensure this happens. After leaving the surgery you should expect to hear from Elaine.

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Living with Cancer

If you are diagnosed, we will do everything we can to support you. We will contact you when we hear about your diagnosis to find out what you might need - this is called a "cancer care review" appointment and is usually done over the telephone.

More and more people are living with and beyond cancer treatment and for those finishing their treatment we have a 30 minute "Time to talk cancer" appointment to review the treatment and make plans for keeping well in the future and living with any ongoing symptoms or after effects of treatment.